Georgia Thrombosis Forum is spreading awareness about Thrombosis through various projects, conducting booths at schools, community events, publications, research projects, and corporate presentations.


Reach Out Work with members in your community & make a difference

Martha Brown

Board Of Director,GTF  

CFO, Independence Bank of Georgia

Our mission is to spread the awareness of thrombosis, network with various groups involved in thrombosis, arrange publications in various media involving our efforts in the community, and allow the youth volunteers to organize, plan, and handle all the activities. 


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Find your inner power by helping others

  • Thrombosis club approval at John Creek High School
  • Dentistry and Thrombosis: Interview of Dr. Manasi Pai (DDS)
  •  Fourteen Internships Opportunities for GTF volunteers
  • GTF article in  ASPECT (American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics)

Our Mission & Vision

Meet Our Team

Hemant Bhave

Board Of Director, GTF

Director, Supply Chain Design Solutions,
LLamasoft Inc.

Publications of articles, blogs , write up on research and findings on Thrombosis is helping spread awareness. GTF volunteers have published articles in eThrombosis and many external websites and magazines.

​​Archana Athalye

Board Of Director, GTF 

ITTF Certified, USATT -Regional Coach


Dr. Atul Laddu

MD, PhD​Founder  

Board Of Director

Servant's Heart Award Winner 

Current Projects

GTF Thrombosis


7th grader Nimish Kadam has put together a video to be shared over his school's PA system to educate his friends and teachers about Thrombosis.

​​​Mrs. Jayashree Laddu

GTF CoFounder,

Board Of Director

Dr.Anant Honkan MS, PhD

Board Of Director, GTF

Faculty member, Perimeter College (Georgia State University)

For more than 4 years, Georgia Thrombosis Forum(GTF) has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for creating awareness of Thrombosis. Find out how you can learn about Thrombosis and spread awareness in your community.Read More

YOUTH VOLUNTEER PUBLISHED A VIDEO ON VENOUS THROMBOEMBOLISM (VTE) -Vaishnavi Bavdekar, Junior from Alpharetta High school talks about VTE and Risk factors.


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GTF in Action

​Anant Honkan MS, PhD, joins GTF Board. He will be a member of GTF review committees (Essays, Internships, Boston presentations)

 Avanti Upad and Veeraj Ranagnekar made brilliant presentations at the Hall County proclamation ceremony

Dr. Sasahara commended that the GTF work, writing and selection of subjects is “tour de force”


Take a PLEDGE to learn and educate othes about Thrombosis

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  • Simulation lab visit at UNG
  • Interview of Dr. Conner-Kerr 
  • Corporate presentation on Thrombosis
  • Team-building outings for corporations


 ​Atharva Athalye , Sophomore from Alpharetta High school talks about Thrombosis and discuss about importance of drinking water and how exercise can help prevent Thrombosis.